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Our study abroad journeys allow students and adults to experience different cultures around the world. When you travel, study, and intern abroad with us, you can be sure all your needs will be met by our knowledgeable team. Let us share our love of travel with you.

Study Abroad

We help students and life long learners gain an international education, many of whom would otherwise not have the opportunity to do so. Whether you're in middle school or college, or you're out of school completely, we can help you to realize your dream of living abroad.

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About Us

Study Abroad 4711 is a study abroad provider that offers journeys for those interested in international travel and lifelong learners passionate about global education. We are located in Chesapeake, Virginia and Queens, New York, and we serve customers across the country from New York, to California.

Our Founder and President, Lakendra Brunston-Parker, started Study Abroad 4711 (SA 4711) shortly after she had the opportunity to study in Tokyo, Japan.

Today, we put our more than 15 years of experience to personally help other learners travel the world, break down barriers, and discover new and inspiring destinations. Every student that studies abroad through our journey is encouraged to connect with our founder to learn more, and she makes herself available via appointment.

Mission Statement

To infuse affordability with full intercultural immersion in the ever-evolving world of international education for all students, giving them the opportunity to fathom their journeys as they embark into a globalized workforce.

iie Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partner

Member Of:
• NAFSA (National Association of International Educators)
• Diversity Abroad
• Education Abroad
• VIE (Virginia International Educators)


Lakendra Brunston-Parker - Managing Director
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Drae Parker - Graphic Design and Marketing Director
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Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.



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