Travel Internationally and Earn Your Education Too

Study Abroad 4711 provides travel options for all ages. Whether you are a ninth grader or a senior citizen, our international education and career opportunities are ideal for anyone that craves the adventure of a lifetime. We also offer English as a Second Language (ESL) programs for international and US resident students. Discover which journey is right for you.

Study Abroad 4711 (College)

Study Abroad 4711 provides a range of academic, fully accredited study abroad journeys at our partner host institutions.

READY4 is an international college and career-ready co-op designed for recently graduated high school students. Students in the summer after graduation through their freshman year of college are eligible for this program.

CAMP4 (High School)

Immersive camps abroad for students in grades nine through twelve to experience the local language, culture, and society.

Intern Abroad

7SHIPS, internships abroad, offer full-time, salary-waivered journeys in top career fields at high-quality international organizations.

UN2OTHERS offers service-learning via international community service or mission journeys.

International Students

7SEAS is for international students seeking an English language education, and allows them to study English stateside.

Foreign Language For Children and Critical Language Abroad

4SEALS is a program that offers English and Critical Language study stateside.

Critical Language Abroad

JOURNEY4WARD is a life-long learners’ initiative available to SA4711 members only. Prepare for life’s endless possibilities and learn about world heritage, language, culture, and society. Remove culture stereotypes by living abroad and studying with locals at host institutions. World travelers have endless opportunities to piggyback on any study abroad journey at a discounted rate for life.

Faculty Led Journeys

In partnership with Virginia Union University, Study Abroad 4711 offers faculty led journeys.

VUU Study Abroad Office

Virginia Union University students follow the link below to sign up for study abroad opportunities.