Become a Global Citizen by Studying Abroad

Intercultural curiosity is very common for all walks of life. So ask yourself, does your mind drift often and become curious about the way other people live around the world? Do you think about what type of foods people eat or what type of music they listen to? At Study Abroad 4711 in Queens, NY, we encourage you to think outside the box by imagining yourself on one of our international traveling programs.

Begin to Fathom Here

We encourage students to use their financial aid for long-term study abroad programs and to invest excess financial aid refunds into short-term programs to study and intern abroad. Our belief is that if students receive financial aid, they can afford to study abroad with us.

Affordable Journeys

Students with limited financial means may not have the financial means available to them to participate in study abroad programs, however Study Abroad 4711 makes the journey affordable. Our study opportunities are listed by cost rather than location. Prices vary from $4,000 to $7,000, and $11,000. With proof of financial aid eligibility or with a certified letter of financial support from a parent, guardian, or financial institution, students can also select a $15,000 option.

Discover Your Future Abroad

When asked if they’d like to travel internationally, they might say no. We don’t want to let a lack of funds stop anyone taking the journey of a lifetime. The college years are the perfect time to have new, exciting experiences. Whether you choose long- or short-term studies abroad, your financial aid refund could be enough to cover the cost, so that none of the financial responsibility will fall on you.

Journey Eligibility Requirements

We encourage our students to verify individual eligibility requirements for your journey with SA4711, as they vary per journey to journey

  • GPA – Requirements range from 2.50 to 3.30
  • Foreign Language Proficiency, if applicable
  • Academic Classification varies upon selected journey