Spring Internship in
Molise, Italy

Molise is a small, remote region of Italy full of history and tradition, hillside villages and stunning vistas, and kind, welcoming, hard-working people. It remains untouched by the bustle of modern tourism, which is exactly why it has so much to offer to reflective learners and slow travelers looking for an authentic Italian experience. Yet Molise still allows easy access to the world-class opportunities and sophistication of Rome and Naples. Molise is a model for purposeful living, an ideal environment in which to foster intercultural collaboration and exchange through immersive service learning.

Partner Institution

Molise Italian Studies operates from the premise that in order for humanity to survive and thrive on a global level, all individuals must be able to lead safe, fulfilling, and purposeful lives in mindful harmony and cooperation with those of diverse backgrounds and experience. We believe the curiosity, empathy, and resilience needed to achieve the requisite transformation of perspective towards oneself and others, as well as to develop one’s capacity to implement positive, effective, and sustainable change towards a more just and equitable society, must be deliberately and intentionally cultivated through authentic and meaningful experience, and must be modeled for both current and successive generations.

Spring Term 2023

Molise, Italy

Dates: January 15 – May 5

Cost: $11,000

Application Deadline:

October 15, 2022

Carrer Opportunites

We will arrange your placement with a mutually agreed upon business according to your field of study and areas of interest, and the opportunities are almost boundless–from agriculture, craftsmanship, business, or culinary arts to engineering, hospitality, medicine, or photography.